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Are you looking to build a pension pot for your future?

November 10th, 2010

‘The wealth management world is more unsettled than ever, where when and how should clients money be invested.  However amidst the uncertainty is ‘real opportunity’. The various investments that clients can invest in has never been so varied.  These range from the very ‘safe’ to the outrageously risky’. The answer to what clients invest in depends on what they wish to achieve.  Experience shows that a broad and extensive portfolio stands you in good stead.  The aim is to not only position clients tax efficiently but allow them access to investment monies as and when required.

Property investment has gone through turbulent times.  Is there more to come? I would suspect so. However with the right assistance and expertise the once ‘taboo’ investments should now be welcomed back in the fold. Certain areas and properties have escaped the wrath of the recession.  Going forward by selecting the ‘right’ property real returns are for the taking.

The reality of looking after clients money is not to be overly concerned with labels, i.e pensions, investments, property but the single objective of creating wealth.  Wealth creation naturally leads to choices and flexibility, thus allowing clients to enjoy their monies in the way they see fit.

Property should definitely be one of the asset classes in any portfolio.’

Wealth management expert.

Tara says ‘ 

Although prices have fallen in some locations over the past couple of years, what matters is not just the potential for capital growth but the amount of rental income a buy-to-let property produces. Rental yield (income) is very important, especially in an uncertain market as it enables the investor to hold for long-term capital growth.

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