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Eight things that as a Landlord you should always convey to their tenants …

April 25th, 2014

The relationship you have with your tenants ideally should be a good one, this will help to ensure that your properties are creating income for you. Tenants who are happy with their home and are living comfortably will be more inclined to stay on.  Here is are my four ways of keeping our tenants happy from the outset.

When tenants are ready to move in, we like them to start their relationship with  that they are dealing with a professional company who ensures that all the regulations have been met, and that we ensure that all necessary administration has been met, this ensures that they are comfortable and they have peace of mind. We provide the following information:

– A copy of their tenancy, with the most important bits underlined.  This will ensure that they know when the rent is due and how this should be done.

– Copies of all the safety certificates.

– A schedule of inventory, with an opportunity to make any additions or comments.

– Information relating to where their deposit is held, and how this will be released at the end.

– Relay to your tenants from the outset what they may be responsible for paying for eg.  unblocking drains, missuse of washing machines etc.

– Inform you tenants that you will be doing regular property inspections – this will remind them to keep the property in good condition.

– Give your tenants at least 24 hours notice before entering to carry out inspections.

– Inform the tenant that if they report maintenance issues, you then presume that you can have access to rectify the issue, and 24 hours notice may not be given.

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