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Tara Meeks

Owner and Managing Director, Tara Meeks interest in property began when she left University and began working in a local letting agent in Fallowfield, Manchester. It was during those 5 years she began building her own property portfolio and learning how powerful property can be in creating a passive income as well as vital wealth of business skills. On leaving to get married and start a family it became apparent that managing her own portfolio was a full time job; it was then that she decided to pass on her experience and create a business from it.

“There is no doubt, property is not for the faint hearted. From understanding the numbers so your property turns a profit to managing tradesmen and vetting tenants, the whole process requires tenacity, persistence and very good and patient people skills.”


Tara has built a small team of professionals and trades people who share the same vision in providing exceptional service and value.

“My vision is to keep Railton-Meeks as a small family business thus ensuring personal attention and exceeding clients’ expectations. In this day and age I believe that people would prefer to receive a personable one to one professional service; whether they are a landlord or tenant. “

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