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7 Ways to being a tidy student!

November 22nd, 2016

7 Ways to Being a Tidy Student

Heralded as ‘The best years I ever had’, starting university is both daunting and exciting at the same time. An opportunity that enables you to fly the nest into a new environment filled with other nervous fledglings, just like yourself to embrace the life of student living.  As you embark on starting the next stage of your life, naturally, you will have become accustomed to your belongings and the items you have accumulated over the years. But, you may need to think twice about how you are going to now store said items. So, in this ‘space’ I have included the top seven space saving tips to help you make the most of your experience at university without being dubbed  ‘a stereotypical student’.

Laundry Basket

Invest in a laundry basket so that your dirty clothes are stored away rather than strewn across your bedroom floor. Make sure that the basket is tall rather than wide to minimize valuable floor space. A tall woven white wash design will be easy on the eye and will brighten up your room.
Stationery Holder

T0 optimize your space, a standard pencil case may not cut it, but a stationery holder will organize your academic belongings into one neat and tidy display on your desk, which will be easily accessible when carrying out your studies.
Wall Space

In most cases, using blu-tack or pins on the walls of student rooms will be sure to get you in trouble with the accommodation office. The alternative in this case is to buy some 3M Command before setting off for University. This way, you will be able to put pictures on the walls, without taking up space on the window sill or your desk. Home inspired items such as fairly lights, bunting and sports memorabilia will have a place on your walls rather than taking up valuable surface space.

Door Space

Effective storage means making the most out of every inch of available space, even the back of your door. A door rack can house shoes, books, hair appliances and any other items that you would otherwise stash away in a drawer or on the floor of your wardrobe or underneath your desk or bed.

Hanger Connectors

Hanger connectors are a great way to create space in your wardrobe whilst still keeping a uniform and tidy look. Only use them if your wardrobe is tall enough to avoid your clothes dragging on the bottom of the wardrobe floor. If you do have a short wardrobe, use hanger connectors with clips, to clip up your longer items.

Bed Organisers

Bed organisers are a brilliant alternative to bedside tables, which would most likely take up too much space in your bedroom anyway. This little organiser can hold glasses, headphones, and other items like books, iPods and toiletries, right by the bed so they’re easy to reach.

John Lewis has clip-on options that will do the trick perfectly.

Storage Boxes

Piling your stuff in different areas of your bedroom, wherever you can find some space, will just look messy and will slowly drag your mood down, making academic work more of a struggle to carry out. Stacking the pile neatly into sensible storage boxes is the solution to this problem. Don’t be tempted to skimp on storage boxes – choose your sizes wisely and then take an hour or two to sort through all your possessions. By getting a system going your belongings will be stowed away in no time, leaving your room de-cluttered and organised.

Remember, your living space at university is precious, and you need to make sure that there is enough space for all of your academic work as well as making it a space to feel like a home from home environment. Make sure to take advantage of every inch of it. Be creative, yet innovative and make sure that your space is free from clutter in a personalized style.




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